Thursday, March 15

Tie one on.

Scarves in winter = practical, warm, thick, necessary.
Scarves in spring = stylish, light, colorful, accessory.

In the cold months, the main function of my scarf is to keep me toasty warm. As such, I care less about the look and style- honestly, if a trendy way to wear a scarf doesn't cover my skin, it's useless to me. Spring, however, brings the opportunity to treat scarves like an accessory- something I LOVE to do. How does one tie a scarf properly, you may ask?

 Please click here and educate yourselves. This fabulous lady (of Wendy's Look Book) shows you how to tie a scarf in 25 ways in just under 5 minutes! Incredible. Plus the filming is genius, trust me.

We all know that Canal St and sketchy vendors in cities across America are willing to fill our scarf-quota with inexpensive options, but I've found a few better ways to stock up. Besides, those vendors often feature the pashmina-like scarf, which might be a bit heavy for summer months. My favorite type of scarf is either silk or chiffon; since my wardrobe has a lot of basic solid colors, I use scarves as a colorful, patterned splash. Here are my favorite ways to acquire said beauties, all on a budget:

1. thrift stores- get out there and do some digging! Just make sure to wash it or get it dry cleaned.
2. etsy- so many options, so little time.

3. ebay- Hermes or vintage? Every price point, every style, every thing.
Kate Spade
4. grandma or mom- I need it more than you do, trust me.

Your Grandma's closet
Tomorrow I'll show you my personal collection and how I managed to get them all together. None are over $10! I'll also show you some of my favorites from around the web.


  1. You have inspired me to purchase/attempt to incorporate scarves into my spring wardrobe! Maybe this will help spruce up the lack of color in my outfits.

  2. I literally feel the exact same- I wear so many solids. Just don't let R start wearing silk scarves, it would really be too much...

  3. I think he could pull it off...


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