Friday, March 30

DIY [heat it up]

Raise your hand if you knew how to emboss before yesterday.
Raise your hand if you should have known how to emboss before yesterday (both mine are in the air).

How did I not know about this easy, inexpensive, yet professional looking method? I mean, though I haven't worked with paper much recently, I still consider myself a pretty serious (if lapsed) scrabooker and card maker. AND WHY DIDN'T YOU SHARE IT WITH ME? What good is a crafty blog if none of you will call me out with a polite, "you know Meaghan, you've been posting DIY and design projects of questionable skill and utility for almost two months now, and we've yet to see the requisite post on embossing. You fool."

Well, shake the powder off your shoulders and take that white wig off, judgey- embossing is here.

Where better to learn a new paper-related skill than the mecca of all things paper-related, the one and only Paper Source?

My lovely and altruistic friend G graciously bid at an auction on a Paper Source class for 6 to be held at the gorgeous Georgetown location above. I wasn't one of the six, but I managed to stalk their party (just kidding).

We were given pretty paper, stamps, ink pads, envelopes, and the like to get started.

A store manager taught us the secret ways of embossing, then allowed us to practice. Basically, you use a stamp (colored or clear, for the "watermark" effect), then shake some embossing powder on (similar to using glitter and glue), shake off the excess, then use a heat tool to melt the plastics in the embossing powder.

It leaves you with a glossy, slightly raised texture to the stamped area, and it looks super legit. They even had pens with stamp-like ink so you could emboss handwriting!

I made a bicycle card. With a bicycle envelope, which had a bicycle liner. I like consistency?

So of course I needed to buy my own tools. I recently snagged a $20 Overstock gift card for $10 using a LivingSocial deal, and they carry a heat tool for just $15. Not too bad, considering Paper Source's version was around $23. Apparently you can't use a blow dryer, because the heat needs to reach 650 degrees (yowza) and a blow dryer will just send your powder flying all over.

 Most of the other tools I needed I got from Paper Source- they did offer us 10% off after the class, and the powders/stamps aren't too pricey. All in all, it was a great experience and I'm thrilled to walk away with a new skill (and a chance to see lovely ladies, including the ever-talented blogess of Breakfast in Wonderland)!

It's Friday people. So what are you doing reading blogs? Go celebrate the weekend.

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