Wednesday, March 28

Sock it to me.

If you haven't seen or heard of the sock bun phenomenon, you've been living under a rock with no connection to technology in alternate universe. And even then you're probably lying.

I think it's time, however, that the sock bun be revisited. If you're wondering why I have a problem with the original sock bun, I don't blame you. After all, a sock bun combines all the things I love most: a fuss free updo, big hair, cheap materials, and a sense of superiority over your friends who can't seem to form them right (I'm looking at you, K). My problem is this- who decided a sock was the best base for this classically clean up-do?

Ladies, get yourselves over to Sally's beauty, where you can buy a tool made specifically for this style for $2. When have you ever found a pair of socks for just $2, let alone in the proper color for your hair, the right material, etc? Also, you can't put bobby-pins through a sock, so how are you securing said sock-made-style? Sounds risky and just plain lazy. (And don't tell me that you just used a lone sock you had lying around. Learn to do your laundry better and you wouldn't have solo socks).

1. Get your hair into a neat ponytail- this bun can go anywhere on your head, but keep in mind a higher bun will leave more hair available, so aim high if your hair is shorter.

2. Put your sock/donut at the tip of your hair, and tuck your ends around and under (as if you want to push them through the bottom of the donut).

3. Start rolling down the donut- this part should be easy and go smoothly, if you've set it up properly.

4. Once the donut is tight to your head, fan your hair out to cover it completely. Secure with bobby-pins, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Hope my tutorial has inspired you to get your rear in gear and make this thing legit (with a $2 tool). I'd like to give original credit, however I first saw this on Pinterest, the black-hole of proper sourcing etiquette, and I'm pretty sure even cave women fashioned a sock bun updo out of leaves. I've decided to thank Grace Kelly for the inspiration instead.

Be careful. A lot of men can't handle the regal-ness of an updo (anyone get it?)


  1. I definitely want to try this! You've inspired me once again!

    If it doesn't work, maybe you'll help me??

    1. You got it! I'll tell you what, the lower one I'm wearing today was WAY HARDER to form...good thing you have long hair for this one

  2. Own that pony tail, work that up-do.


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