Friday, March 16

Bag it Up [tie one on part dos]

Knowing how to tie a scarf isn't that useful until you have scarves. Go get some cheap ones!

1. Retail Store
This hot  pink number was just $14.99 at the United Colors of Benetton Outlet. People often forget about scarves, meaning they're left over at end-of-season sales. When the weather gets cooler, make sure you check your favorite stores to see what inventory remains- this is great quality, from a great store, but at a discount price. It's a pretty big size- I like having a variety of sizes, since you can wear them all differently.

2. Thrift Store
The print on this Totes scarf is busy, with an unexpected mix of colors. I picked it up at one of my favorite thrift stores, George Avenue Thrift, here in DC. Thrift prices are just right- I paid just $3 for this. It still had a Totes tag on it, so I know the condition is great. I still recommend a thorough cleaning! I try to only buy scarves with fun prints, to compliment my predominantly solid-colored wardrobe. Especially if you're beholden to neutrals, scarves give you some oomph without requiring a wardrobe overhaul.

3. Goodwill
This gauzy, sunny scarf is from Goodwill in Baltimore. It was $1.50 during their Saturday sale! Goodwill's in Baltimore have a 50% off sale the first Saturday of every month (check online for local deals). $3 is a great price, but $1.50 is even better, no? I tie this scarf onto gold chain necklaces for a little flair. I can't recall what I paid for the floral scarf at the same Goodwill, but it was cheap. Did you know that you can now shop Goodwill online? You can use it to preview your own area stores, or you can shop another location and scoop all the best designer stuff from LA or NYC (but you will have to pay shipping). It's auction format- I haven't tried it yet, but let me know if you do.

4. Etsy
Including shipping, I was able to snag this pinky-purpley-goodness for $8. The flowers have a tan-hue, so it works great with neutrals. Etsy is a great resource for silk scarves, as there are so many antique and vintage sellers in one place. I have never bought anything from Etsy for the list price, either. Offer to leave positive feedback, buy multiple items, of just ask in good faith- every seller has been willing to bargain with me (and I've bought quite a bit on Etsy in my day).

5. Second Time Around
There is a great Second Time Around in Georgetown that I can walk to from my apartment (I've also shopped this chain in Philly and Boston). It's like upscale thrifting; while it is more organized and a better curated collection, the prices are a bit more too. Luckily, this $20 scarf was part of their 50% off end-of-winter sale (sign up to get their emails about sales and promotions). So far I've only tied this on to my purse, but it would be cute around the neck too.

Since my life is more fun than yours this weekend, I'm off to FL tonight until Monday. Hoping to get some sun, some sand, and some spring training games. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love - I once scored a great Burberry trench for my mom ... for $60!! It's fun to browse but I mostly check out the local things for pick-up.

  2. That's my plan too- avoid shipping costs, and maybe find out about a new Goodwill I didn't know about!


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