Wednesday, March 14

Cheap Eats [apple pie oatmeal]

I've yet to make anything expensive in my Crock Pot. Partially because I rarely make expensive meals, but also because slow cookers lend themselves so well to simple ingredients and basic flavors, which are generally affordable. For my new Cheap Eats series, many recipes will probably feature a slow cooker. Lucky you!

Up first- this gloriousness:

I was recommended this recipe for apple pie oatmeal, made in the slow cooker. You use steel-cut oats, a delicious whole grain similar to oatmeal (often called Scottish or Irish oats as well) but a bit nuttier and chewier than your regular ol' Quaker variety.

With the word "pie" in the recipe, I expected its nutritional value to be questionable, but it's actually a measly 115 calories a serving (before the heaping spoonful of brown sugar I add). I suggest you make this- it's amazingly cheap, totally delicious, very filling, and a little goes a long way.

Divide the cost of those ingredients over 6 meals...This is CHEAP eats! Plan a visit anytime within the rest of my life and you will find some of this in the fridge. Seriously. Since I found the recipe, that statement has been accurate.

The recipe is adapted from Cooking with Jax- she's totally adorable. I'd never heard of her before, but after trying out this recipe, she's got my vote! Her website has more information about cooking time, the difference between steel cut and regular oats, a stove-top version, and tons of other slammin recipes.

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