Wednesday, March 7

bag it up [Birchbox]

Have you heard of the greatness that is Birchbox?

It's one of many companies with a unique business model- for a low price ($10) per month, they send 4-6 beauty products, sometimes sample versions, sometimes full size. If you like what you try, you can buy it in the shop, no obligation. It's a great way to expose yourself to new products and companies without investing much moolah in it. Some months are so-so, some months are incredible. Since I've signed up, though, I've found something to be excited about in every box.
I now have so many products that I've started saving the boxes- I have them labeled "eyes", "lips", "hair", "face", and "body" to store everything. I've gotten perfumes, nail polishes, nail polish remover, face washes, primers, foundations, hair ties, eye liners, lip gloss, shampoo and conditioners, mud masks, fashion tape, and even a detergent made for cashmere. Yes, that exists.

Another perk- once you try your products, you can go on the website and review them. You get 10 "points" for each review you do, and when you have 100 points, you get $10 off an order. Since you get about 5 products (and therefore the possibility of 50 points) each box, it's like every other box pays for itself (that's how I justify it anyway, though it's not too pricey to begin with). And trust me, you'll want to buy the full sizes of these goodies. I've bought almost all of the products pictured, and I only signed up for Birchbox less than a year ago.

If you're interested, feel free to ask questions in the comments! Like most deal websites, you get points when friends sign up, so do me a solid and click here if you decide to register.

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  1. They had an awesome men's BirchBox for Christmas too.


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