Monday, March 26

Cheap Eats [birthday dinner]

D loves chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. And who doesn't?

Uhh, me actually. Cake in general always seems a bit dry and blah. I'm not ready to make the mayo chocolate cake that one of my coworkers is pushing, so I thought a crock pot chocolate cake might be a viable option.

I followed this recipe loosely, but mine came out like bread pudding- her image looks like a slice of cake, but you definitely could not have cut mine up. It was still yummy, especially with homemade chocolate ice cream (the real show stopper, in my opinion). As you can see below, it was very creamy and pudding-like (apparently I have dessert-consistency issues).

We ate some real food before dessert too, I promise. I free-styled some brussel sprouts with bacon (D's favorite flavor) and grilled up some steaks as well.

Have any of you tried the chocolate cake made with mayonnaise?? I've only heard great things, but it creeps me out.

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