Friday, March 9

DIY [state love]

I love where I'm from (Massachusetts). 
D loves where he's from (New York). 
We needed some state pride art STAT.

It also happens to be quite en vogue- I just searched Etsy, and found the following in .2 seconds.
All images from etsy
So I made my own!

First step is the background, which I wanted to look like the ocean. I bought a beautiful 20" by 27" piece of paper from Paper Source- it was $8, which is kinda steep for paper, but it was enough to make 3 pieces of art so far, and I still have some left. This marble print is gorgeous, the paper is soft and thick, and every piece is unique.
I made one for D and I, of course, then realized that my brother and his fiance represent the great MA + NY combination themselves, so I made them one too as an apartment-warming gift.

To make the art:
I googled each state, found a good image with a clear outline, and re-sized it to fit the frame
I printed this out on regular old computer paper, and cut it out
I traced this cut-out onto thick white card stock, then cut it out again (tedious)
I tried to place the hearts in the general area where we're all from (those are cut from gold paper)
I used double-sided scrapbooking tape to attach my cut-outs to the marble paper
That's it amigos!

It's an affordable project- I usually buy frames at Ikea or a discount store, like Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Target, etc.
The quality of my picture is sub-par, but I also made one for R and her Irish man friend, D. I guess that's country art, not state art, but you get the idea:

So, do you have any DIY's planned for the weekend? I need ideas! One of my best friends J just closed on a gorgeous condo (I know, when did I become old enough to have friends with property??), so I'm trying to hoard some good projects to suggest. Have a great weekend!



  2. you are too much. i've been on etsy for two hours. meaghan+etsy=my monday night

  3. There are SO many fab ideas out there for state stuff...I LOVE the use of maps in that one Em...I wonder if it would be too busy with my marble paper? Gin- welcome to my life.


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