Wednesday, March 21

Welcome [I love you]

Might I just say, this is the best week in my blogging life thus far. EVEN BETTER than the week when I manually and personally signed up ten lucky friends and family members to receive emails when I post to make sure someone out there knew I existed. That was fun. But this takes the cake:

One of my all-time favorite bloggers EVER, Kate at Centsational Girl, included me in her Best-of-the-Blogosphere round up. If by some hilarious trick of the universe you're familiar with MY blog and not HERS, you're a moron. Click on over and join me in worshiping her creativity, handiness, style, and accessibility as a blogger. With almost 30,000 readers, you KNOW she's doing something right. Or everything right, in my opinion.

She linked up to my tripod lamp post, here. Your face right now? The incredulous expression of disbelief? I'm with you.

So, guys, today is the day that people who don't share my last name or college degree are starting to visit for a song. What up new friends! Welcome to the party, please stay awhile (please. please? I'll bake you cookies. or make you a lamp, your pick).

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