About Me

You found me! Welcome to for a song, my personal blog about creating a beautiful life, budgeted.  Although my tastes are more mature than my financial portfolio, I try to find a way to live richly and fashion a lifestyle beyond my means.

Originally from New England, I fell down the East Coast (Baltimore for college, four years in D.C., and now a brief stint in North Carolina) and work in development, where I get to participate in the most generous moments of a person's life. It's pretty amazing.

Someday I hope to make cash money selling refinished, repurposed, and re-loved furniture and home goods in whatever capacity I can. I currently like: my Kindle, wine & whiskey (but not together), my little sister, golf, interior design, my Vitamix, anything persimmon, DIY’s, my patient boyfriend/roomie, craigslist, to-do lists, blogs, coffee, and discounts.

Just because I’m thrifty doesn’t mean I’m cheap. Quality is essential, but I’ve found that price doesn’t always reflect value and handmade is not synonymous with poorly-made. A well planned DIY can result in a unique and fulfilling experience and product, and isn’t that what we’re all really looking for? You should also know I’m a prolific accumulator.

I plan to post about my design inspiration, personal projects, and cheap thrills (to include inexpensive fashion, thrifted furniture, economical activities, and other various things I can afford).

Thanks for reading yo. This should be fun.

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