Friday, May 6

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Now doesn't that look lovely? I've been on the road for too long and plan on spending all weekend in bed recovering. Even for the most extroverted and talkative among us, it's hard to be switched on for two weeks of meetings and events with a reunion in between. I hope you'll all be cozied up as well.

I'm making this drink all summer and bet my brother will come running (both for the drink and the name).

There is a lot of shame around obesity in the US, and a common belief that an overweight person must lack discipline...after all, it's calories in vs calories out, right? This article from the NY Times gives some perspective and data that shows how losing weight, and keeping it off, isn't about willpower (well, not all of it anyway). Also, why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight (but you should do it for other reasons).

Bet you haven't thought to add this ingredient to your scrambled eggs (!!)

Did you know that B12 is the only nutrient you can't get through a vegan diet, without supplements or fortified foods? It's only in animal products! Nutrition is endlessly interesting.

Finally, I was in a kickstarter campaign video a few months ago, and the fund is live! They hit their goal in about 2 seconds, since it's a truly fabulous line of women's work wear, but they have lots of stretch goals. Check it out over here, and don't miss the blazer, it's amazing. (Full disclosure, I didn't like my hair and makeup, HOWEVER, I am the hand/body model for a few shots, and am super proud of how well I seamlessly rotate while sliding a hand in my pocket. #skillz)

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