Wednesday, February 29


No phenomenal and inspired post today- as it's pouring and gloomy and cold, I couldn't get good lighting to show off our room color. But that did inspire me to look up images of rain- wouldn't this be great blown up as art in an entry way or mud room?
Since my blog is all about living affordably, I've also come up with another way to eat on the cheap: have your father come to visit and take you out. Thanks for the delicious dinner last night dad, love you! He also helped me flesh out an idea for a DIY headboard that miiiight just work. I get all my craftiness (and my extensive tools) from my dad :)

At the restaurant, we saw these gorgeous light fixtures:

Which reminded me of Tom Dixon's incredible copper light shade pendants:

Apartment Therapy
I wonder if they are the very same, or a cheap version. I plan on finding out, and I'll report back. That is all for now.

Tuesday, February 28

The Great Debate: Light or Dark?

After the workplace, the bedroom is probably where you spend the majority of your time (hubba hubba). Despite the fact that you're unconscious for part of that time, the feel, energy, and mood of your bedroom is no matter to be taken lightly. Or darkly. Get what I'm saying? Of course not.

So what do you prefer? I like light bedrooms because the feel airy, spacious, peaceful, playful. When I think of a white bedroom I think of windows thrown open on a Saturday morning, curtains fluttering, deep breaths of fresh air, kids jumping on the bed, laughter. Dark bedrooms, on the other hand, say moody, cozy, safe, restful to me. I picture dim lighting, heavy blankets, lots of cuddling, large books, and cocktails. Are you with me?

Here are some images to get you in the mood. Stay tuned to see what D and I chose when we moved to our new apartment last year.

Let's make light of it:
Design Sponge
The Things We Like
Casa Sugar
Mimmi O'Connell
 Now show me your darker side:
A New Found Treasure
Smith Boyd Interiors
Living Etc
Living Etc
Living Etc

Monday, February 27

My Weekend [at the zoo]

If hanging out with your domesticated animal just isn't doing it for you anymore, you should visit the zoo. It's free here in D.C., making it a cheap date. I'd recommend taking the metro and bringing a snack or water- they get you hard on parking, food, special exhibits, bathrooms (just kidding)...but basically your only free ticket is to get in. 

We went on Saturday, when it was a cool 40 degrees- this is apparently the coldest most animals can handle, so some were indoors. We'll definitely go back this spring so we can see more (and so I can get froyo from the place across the street). I am obsessed with big cats, and we were lucky enough to catch the lions, leopards, cheetahs, and tigers. Here are some of my favorite shots from the zoo!
How did that sneaky lemur get in there twice? I'm too lazy to go fix it.
And, guess who read my flamingo love post??? I have fans. 

Sunday, February 26

if i were her. . .[dots]

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, Kate Spade Larabee Road Plates, Tim Walker for Vogue Italia
But I'm not her. Because she's 10 years old. Why God whyyyy

Saturday, February 25

This post has baggage.

I've got baggage. The good kind. The kind that costs just $10 and is in amazing vintage condition. And the best thing to do with baggage is to put it to good use. I'm in no need of further travel accessories, plus after a commute into NYC and a 5 hour bus to DC, I can tell ya this thing is not that convenient to carry. A long over-the-shoulder strap would ruin his clean masculine lines, duh.

So, what else can you do with suitcases?

Hang that baggage up. You can use them to get drunk in a classy way, or as a vanity:
Apartment Therapy, Pinterest
Suitcases are great at holding things. Like, blankets, clothing, plants, and I dunno, cats?
Pinterest, Dragonfly Cottage, This Next
Need some extra seating? Pop one open!
Katie Thompson w/ Recreate
My personal favorite, the stack (which would require the acquisition of additional cases):
Design Sponge
Or if you have a ton AND you're an interior design genius AND you're trained as/married to a skilled carpenter AND you  have a free wall:
From the actual studio of artist Gail Rieke
But what I'm in need of right now is a nightstand. It's a bummer to drill holes in the bottom, but I think it'll be worth it, and I can still use the inside for useful storage (though it'll be a pain to access). I'm thinking a suitcase on some retro hairpin legs would look smashing, and would have a large enough surface area to hold the requisite books and hand cream and excessive bobby pins and white-noise machine. Isn't that what you have on your nightstand?

Envision with me:
yeahhhh I like that. (especially the Robert Abbey Lamp)

Friday, February 24

bag it up [at the Brooklyn Flea]

As we saw yesterday, the Brooklyn Flea is for ballers. We came away with some amazing stuff- I'm only bummed I didn't bring more cash (and more of an appetite, as the food options looked stunning). 

You already know that R grabbed a vintage, industrial-looking set of drawers for her jewelry, left. She got $5 off just for asking. I picked up the fake-malachite jewelry box below from the same dude for $5 myself- it's a super vibrant green, and will have to do until I can afford a big ol' slab of the real deal.

I fully support haggling-  just make sure to always be respectful. You're not just paying for the item- you're also paying for the vendor's time and transportation costs, the effort they put into finding/refurbishing an item, stall fees at the market, and so on.
The best time to try and cut a deal is later in the day, when vendors have to start thinking about what merchandise to pack up and bring home. If you're willing to be reasonable, you can get a great deal that saves the vendor the time and energy of further transport. You could get even better deals if you offer to buy multiple items.
There were vintage maps everywhere- I picked up two, one of VA, where we currently live, and one of New England, where I was birthed (please catch up on your reading if you didn't know that). I'm thinking these would look great on our gallery wall (a post for another day). Maps bring a great antiquey feel, often without the expense- the vendor parted with these for $5 each. That's cheaper than a subway five dollah foot long (once you account for taxes)!!!!
I also got these nifty letters. The vendor said they are from a company that use to make signs up in Boston. They are all real brass (you can tell by holding up a magnet: if the magnet sticks, you're probably dealing with brass plate over metal, but if the magnet ignores you, congrats! It's brass!). They are going to be used for an awesome project...bonus points if you can figure out what they spell from this poorly exposed cell phone picture (but no points whatsoever if you were with me when I bought them. In fact, minus points). Stick around for a great DIY using them...I'm trying to keep you around. Please don't leave me. Ever.

But the real pièce de résistance of the Brooklyn flea? TA DA:
 I totally love him- a vintage Samsonite suitcase with brass hardware, complete with working key! Plus he was $10 (!!!) and I love him so much that D should be eying him suspiciously from across the room. I have extensive and sexy plans for him. We'll discuss tomorrow. Now go check out the Brooklyn flea, every Saturday and Sunday from 10-5pm at 1 Hanson Place!

Thursday, February 23

My Weekend [Brooklyn Flea]

So we did a lot this weekend.We ate great food, we caught up, we went dancing, we got 5am pizza, we cooked together, we went shopping. Very productive. But the BEST thing we did? Visited the Brooklyn Flea market.

R heard about it on HGTV (are you surprised we're best friends) and knew we had to go. It was pretty damn amazing, housed in the old Williamsburg Savings Bank (which pretty much looks like a gorgeous cathedral) and teeming with over 100 vendors. There was everything from home decor to food to clothing, and varying price points to keep it interesting. Come back tomorrow and I'll share my finds- for now, here's my weekend in pictures.

Cool things seen at Brooklyn Flea:

1. Tablecloths, runners, rugs, and blankets in bright hues
2. Fabulous bowties...the guy saw me snapping a picture and said, you must be a blogger! Check me out! Too bad I don't have anyone to send his way yet... 
3. Blueberry Lavender Chocolate. As good as it sounds
4. More textiles
5. Awesome "bin" R got for her jewelry. She even bargained him down!
6. Cheapy cheapy books
7. Art! The creators were willing to share technique too
8. Cool vintage drawers
9. Rugs (I was too scared to ask the price)
10. Cool brass rings
11. Necklaces...did anyone else have a gemstone collection when little? I may be re-purposing it soon...
12. Costume jewelry galore
13. Multiple bagels from this place
14. In case you missed it the first time?

Friday, February 17

wear it well [plum and nuetrals]

Wear it well posts will show outfits, usually including recently found deals. I love daily outfit blogs (see some of my favorites in my blog roll to the right), but I don’t have an interesting enough wardrobe or a creative enough eye to do this shit daily.

I love this first outfit because it’s made up of some of my favorite pieces. The plum dress has a great slash neckline with little sleeves- they had it in a bright coral as well, but this plum works for me because it’s very transitional.

Dress: Gap, $22 

Cardigan: Gap, $20

Scarf: Free People, gifted from my best friend R

Belt: thrift store, $3

Boot socks: Gap, 2 for $20 

Boots: Cole Hann on Ebay, $150 (learn more about them here!)

Earrings: Blue Nile, gift from D

Watch: Michael Kors, gift from D

 I’d like to say you should never buy anything at Gap or BR full price, because their sales are endless. 

Good for errands around town this weekend? I'll be busy in Brooklyn with my college roommates. Have a great one!

Thursday, February 16

if i were her. . . [watercolor]

SJP Lovely Ad, Meadow Rue Autumn Bulbs Dress, Ginette Fine Art on Etsy, Watercolor Bedsheets by Bluebellgray, watercolor chair

Since I actually own this dress, and adore it for that matter, can we pretend for today that I am her? yes?

Wednesday, February 15

Valentine's Recap.

So I had a good Valentine's Day.

After a delicious work day (seriously, check out those cupcakes), I came home to the least sexy dinner ever (pot roast in the slow cooker) with my roommates C and K (and D of course). Dessert was frozen peanut butter cookie dough balls dipped in chocolate...which I ate two of, after three cupcakes. Fat!

Hope your day was half as good as mine...and with half the sugar. Love you like a hipster loves skinny jeans!

Tuesday, February 14

Flamingo Valentines

In honor of Valentine's Day, I feel pressured to do a post about what to gift your boyfriend that isn't awkward, how best to hide your love handles in skimpy and overpriced lingerie, how to manage your workplace status as a non-floral-arrangement-recipient, and other helpful tips to weather the day.

But I'm not going to, because I don't know how to do any of those things. (Yes I do: fancy whiskey, mood lighting, and pretend you're allergic. You're welcome.) Instead lets talk about pink, because Valentine's day is one big disgorgement of rosy tones.

As I've told you before, I don't like pink (despite the fact that it's all over my room and my closet).
But I do like things that are pink. Like cotton candy, geraniums, strawberry milkshakes, pink lemonade...mostly foods I think. And FLAMINGOS!
Dimdi Original Watercolor
Flamingos are great, all over, on everything. Did you know that flamingos are making a splash in interiors? Well, that's what I'm here for, to keep you on the cutting edge of interior design.
lifestyle bohemia
Wallpapers are a great way to incorporate animals. Unless you're daring, I think they work best in small spaces (powder rooms, entryways, closets) or young spaces (play room, nursery). But I'm pretty sure you're the daring type, so you could try this applique from wall & deco in a dining room (those Italians are daredevils)...
Wall & Deco Flamingo Decal
If you're not willing to do a whole wall, you can check out the gorgeous original watercolor paintings above (plenty more available on etsy), or add flamingos to your decor in a more tame way, like so:
Lava Pillow, kitschy living, Vintage Queen
Just promise me you won't use the flamingo power I've given you for evil. It can really be too much. 
Architec Home
 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Wishing you lots of snuggles and chocolate. I'll be hanging in, perfecting my mood lighting.

Sunday, February 12

Bully Day for a Golf Game

mo def taking lessons in the spring
If the temperature goes above 45 degrees, it’s a good day to get out and play. 
And it's always above 45 degrees this winter. 
I just can't understand how the farmer's almanac could be so off?!?!!!????
Wait. Yes I can. 
Anyways, it's afforded us the chance to keep up on our golf game.

I was lucky enough to have a golf-centric birthday last summer. D got me clubs, mom got me shoes, aunt and uncle got me balls. Golf can certainly be expensive, but driving ranges aren’t bad ($14 for a large bucket of balls, which D and I split), and they often have clubs available to use for free. Even playing 9 holes on the course is cheaper than one movie ticket, which probably has more to do with movies costing an arm and a leg these days.

We play at Hains Point- it’s no country club, but we’re both beginners- check it out for a moderately athletic, nature-appreciative, challenging yet rewarding hobby.

neon balls make it more fun

Friday, February 10


What's better than pizza, bagels, and ice cream? 
FREE pizza, bagels and ice cream.

Enter Scoutmob, the mobile app that gives you 50-100% off coupons for local eateries. FO FREE! Rather than having to buy discounts ahead of time (re: Groupon, LivingSocial), Scoutmob allows you to just show the app at the time of purchase, with no prior action. They send funny emails every weekend about new places to check out too.

It's pretty awesome.

It's unlikely that D and I go anywhere without a discount. Unless it's our anniversary or a birthday, when we really want to splurge, we just don't see the point in paying full price when we don't have to. We try to go out on a date every week, and searching down some discounts allows us to go out twice as often. And this girl loves to be dated. Check it out- it's a free app, so where's the harm?