Monday, January 25

pinned [hallways]

D and I have a 10-foot long hallway that gave us some grief. I love runners, I love chair rails covered in prints, I love busy wallpapers, I love gallery walls...all things that are visually cluttered and take up space. Space is what we don't have. But I do like when there is something in a hallway. It helps make the transition between rooms, it can be it's own quiet respite between busy rooms or an exciting punch between calm ones. We made a decision that is definitely toned down, so for now, I'll have to enjoy these punchy looks from afar.



Friday, January 22

link it up

We're supposed to get 2 feet of snow today and tomorrow, holy cow. Feels like New England. I hope it doesn't interrupt our triple-date tonight to try a new ramen place, or our solo-date tomorrow at the Kennedy Center. Woe is me, to have too many fun plans I worry about having to cancel. Hope you have equally enjoyable events, or a cozy weekend inside.

I have one of these! Truly has been a great help for last-minute hosting.

The Fermi Paradox. You pretty much MUST read this if you have any interest in the universe and life.

If you do way more domestic work than your partner, and it drives you mad, maybe just stop. I'm not 100% behind this, but it's worth considering how much of what I do in the home is really necessary.

An interesting thought: how many days from the past month can you distinctly remember? For most people it's just a few, meaning each year we have just a month's worth of time we notice and remember. I didn't like the whole Ted Talk, but the effort to make your life more memorable is honorable.

D and I might start saving for one of these. Talk about cozy.

Thursday, January 21

chai breakfast bowl [cheap eats]

I've had a wonderful, busy start the the New Year. This week is the first where I'm really feeling settled- into my home, into winter, into DC, into my new routine of working from home. One perk is the total control I have over what I'm eating and drinking: cold brew lattes every morning, salads with roasted vegetables for lunch, soups and stews I can have simmering all afternoon for dinner, all things you can't make happen from an office 9-5. It has been delightful.

On these chilly mornings, hot breakfast bowls are my go-to (poor vitamix, he probably feels neglected lately). Total game-changer: toast your oats before making oatmeal, a tip from the Whole Grain Mornings cookbook (first learned about it here). I put a drop of coconut oil in a saucepan, then add my dry oats and toast them for about 5 minutes until they are a golden brown. Then I pour in almond milk (my recipe for homemade is here!), maple syrup if you need sweetness, a pinch of salt, and any spices that will go with the toppings- maybe cinnamon, ginger, vanilla bean, or even something savory. When the milk has soaked in and the oats are the preferred consistency (just keep adding more liquid and cooking down until you're happy), pull the oatmeal off the stove and devour.

This morning, I tried something different. When I added the almond milk, I also added a chai tea bag, thanks to this little recipe. So, so delicious. If anyone can figure out how to make oatmeal look attractive in a photo, please send help.

I stirred in chopped dates, apples, and added some almonds on top. The nut butter is cashews blended with cardamom and baking spices, very tasty (see, that vitamix is still getting use!).