Thursday, March 29

Potential Replacement for our Elevators

Know what you can't have in an apartment? Your own set of stairs. Which leaves me to long for the beautiful things you can do with them.

Cheaper option? You can paint them: 

Muriel Brandolino
Domino Mag

Apartment Therapy
Pottery Barn

Or, lay down some runners:

Ivy and Piper
Judy Ross Textiles
Paul Massey- these are Ikea rugs stitched together!
I'm happy we're renting now, and in an apartment, as it makes our lives much simpler in some BIG ways. Wanting stairs comes pretty far down the list of things I long for, actually. Top of the list is a work space, somewhere to expel fumes (from paints and primers and strippers) that no one minds, somewhere to lay down tarps and get to work, to store my many projects and tools. Like a garage. Such is the stuff of dreams.

Almost the weekend, hang in there!


how you like dem apples?