Monday, March 5

My Weekend [Eastern Market]

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! D and I met up with our old roommates from when we lived on capitol hill. We use to stroll over to Eastern Market when the weather was nice, grab some coffee at Peregrine Espresso (my favorite coffee shop in DC) and a bagel. Peregrine is the greatest- in terms of snagging a deal, it's pretty affordable for a quality roast ($2), and if you hang there past 8:30pm they walk around and hand out all their baked goods for free. Yay!

Get it? Pear-e-grin!
We got coffee and walked around the indoor market. It's open year-round, and offers fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and baked goods. I think farmers' markets are a great idea- food is fresh, seasonal, you're supporting local economies/farmers, and often you can haggle. The best way to get a deal is to buy multiple items- so, if apples are 3 for $5, ask for 6 for $8. We didn't buy anything this trip, but in the summer this is our go-to locale for peaches and tomatoes.

It was also nice to reminisce and catch up. Living with the two of them at 3rd and C was such a fun time in my life- we made some great memories and lasting relationships, and it was the first place that D and I lived together (aww). We walked by the old place just to see it, and decided we should all get together next weekend too. I love catching up with friends :)

I also completed a few projects around the room, which I'll share this week. You can look forward to a cheapy cheapy way to organize/display jewelry, a homemade shower curtain, a delicious and easy slow cooker recipe, a little unexpected color, and some state art.

Here's to Monday...and just two weeks before D and I head to FL (can't come soon enough)

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