Friday, March 23

D's birthday [free stuff from me to you]

As I write this, it is the evening of D's birthday. I'm not neglecting him- he went to the bar for a quick drink with friends. (I am not partaking as I gave up alcohol for lent because I am an idiot love jesus)

What did I get D for his birthday? A bunch of junk mail.

PSYCHE. But kinda.

For his birthday, I've taken the liberty of signing him up for some lovely emails that include sweet (free) deals. Did you know so many restaurants want to celebrate your birth??! Most require you to sign up for emails or join their birthday club- this works especially well if you have a random email account you don't care about, which should include every AOL, hotmail, or yahoo account still in existence. Really? C'mon now. Get gmail.

Here are some of my favorites- it's a better idea to sign up when it's not your birthday, really, since most of these include a treat for submitting your email as well. I'm not including places that only give you a freebie if you buy dinner (chili's, applebees, melting pot, etc), or places that give you coupons (BOGO's, 10% off, etc) because that's weak sauce.

This place…
gives you this on your birthday…
if you…
Au Bon Pain
free salad or sandwich
sign up for emails
Bars across America
free shots
ask the bartender
Baskin Robbins
free ice cream
join the birthday club
Ben & Jerry's
free ice cream
sign up for emails
free cookie
sign up for emails
Caribou Coffee
free coffee
sign up for emails
free grand slam breakfast
show up with your ID
Every chain restaurant known to man
slightly edited version of happy birthday
are with a mean friend
free entre, chips and salsa
sign up for emails
Noodles and Company
free entre
sign up for emails
Planet Smoothie
free smoothie
sign up for emails
Red Robin
free burger
pick up a Red Royalty Card
Ruby Tuesday
free burger
sign up for emails
free birthday item
Join Sephora beauty insider
lots of free stuff
sign up for emails
free handcrafted beverage (so snobby. They mean coffee.)
register a gift card
free frozen yogurt
sign up for emails
Various Strip Clubs
free lap dance
…have a pulse?

We have had a lovely night so far- come back tomorrow for our menu (if you're wondering if I used my crock pot, the answer is duh) and his presents...I can't share them here, since he hasn't opened them yet (here's the view from the birthday boy)

Also- fun florida weekend post is in the future. Happy Friday!


  1. Hahaha love those realistic examples thrown in! I work at Bonefish Grill and if you fill out our Stay In Touch cards we send you all kinds of free crap all the time - birthdays, anniversaries, sometimes we just send you coupons for free shit.

    1. hmm, looks like there is one in Alexandria VA, which is kinda sorta near me. I'll have to check it out, thanks for the tip!

  2. The last example sounds awesome.

  3. I think the Prime Rib gives you free cocktails on birthdays and anniversaries too.


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