Tuesday, March 13

Overstock is STOCKED

I don't use Overstock as much as I should, considering they carry pretty much everything and their prices are way low. My friend J (the one with the condo waiting to be attacked decorated) sent me some awesome monkey pod furniture from there, which got me poking around. How baller is this stool? It's natural, funky, has some substance but still feels delicate, ugh it's fab:

After I realized how much great stuff the O has to offer, I thought I'd do a post on high style found at low prices. On the left are stunning (perhaps both in design AND price tag?) rooms seen all over the blogosphere/pinterest, and on the right are pieces and prices from the great o.co. Let's get started!

Amber Interior Designs, Overstock
La Dolce Vita, Overstock
PomaSteven Rug, Overstock

Pinterest, Overstock


  1. Hey we have our O.co gift cards from that Groupon deal to use too.

  2. Ahh love this post! I never ever check out O.co and absolutely need to! These were great ideas!

  3. I bought floor tile from the O and was really happy with it.

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


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