Monday, May 7


I'm really liking this "pinned" series. I will do my best to find less-circulated images, so we have something new and special to share here. (Check out edition 1).

There Goes the Cupcake
Made these this weekend for Cinco de Drinko Mayo. AND I had fajitas TWICE. I know how to celebrate.

If you're a DIY-er, or any creative type, wouldn't this be a unique engagement announcement? They did such a great job.

Pure Boheme
 I think this kitchen is gorgeous. It feels so lived in. The trough-like sink, the faucets, the miss-matched dishware, exposed brick, iron cabinets...I've never gotten such a cohesive feel and look from such disparate parts.

How Sweet It Is
Roasted strawberry, chocolate, and brie grilled cheese? How decadent! Do I have to call it dessert, or can it be a meal itself???

Unreal girl-y mix, but it still feels a bit tough. Neon pink pleats, sparkle purse, spiked bracelet.


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