Monday, May 14

Live Fit(ter)

Raise your hand if you'd like to look like this girl:

If I had your body, I'd be looking down at it all day too. Strong is the new skinny people.

That there is Jamie Eason, the woman responsible for getting me back into weight training after a longgggg hiatus. I was an athlete for most of my life, a swimmer to be specific, and never needed a gym membership. When I stopped swimming in college, it was hard to get my head around a normal/independent workout routine, since that had always been taken care of for me.

If you're looking to shake things up (read: get off the treadmill), you should look into her strength training routine. I used the LiveFit Trainer, a 12-week plan to build lean muscle and tone up. I finished the 12 weeks two months ago, but after 3 months of different routines and exercises, I know enough about working each muscle group to continue to design workouts on my own. It's like having a personal trainer for free! Of course, you'll still need to get yourself to a gym, but maybe you're lucky enough to have one in your apartment building or at your workplace (I have both).

I realize this doesn't have much to do with interior design, DIY's, recipes, fashion, or all the things I usually post about. HOWEVER. When you look/feel better, you live better, and isn't that what it's alllll about? Plus you can EAT more (tying in recipes here) and you can fit in your CLOTHES (what up fashion?) and you'll look better lounging around in your Bertoia chair (why hello there, interior design). And you are Doing It (these workouts) Yourself...what a great DIY. We are our greatest projects people. Write that down.

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