Friday, May 4

DIY [doorway surprise]

Here's a fun, cheap, super quick DIY to brighten things up around your entryway.

I first saw this idea in action over at Little Green Notebook (one of my favorite blogs). Martha Stewart Living (which I am now a subscriber to, thanks to this deal!) originated this fantastic image to punch up a plain 'ol door:

Beautiful, right? It's even in my favorite persimmon-y/vermillion-y color.

I decided to try this in our room too. I have a bright orange paint that I bought for a few accents in our room- some picture frames, a standing mirror, you get the idea. Since I bought a gallon but have only been painting little things, we have quite a bit left. Trust me, this is NOT a color you would do a room in, unless you wanted to gouge your eyes out.

Uh oh. that's a can of paint that hasn't been used in awhile.

So once my paint was prepped (read: stir for 2 hours), I took a one-inch Purdy brush and just free-hand painted the rim around the door. While the paint was wet, I used a piece of paper towel to wipe down the sides. You don't have to be too exact with this- the paint wiped off easily for me, and made this project real quick as opposed to taping off the door.

I did this for all the doors in our room- the main door, the door to our bathroom, the door to my closet. Love this type of project- free, 20 minutes, clean look, fun. It's a nice pop of color and makes me smile every time I see it!

Anyone doing something special this weekend? I should be golfing, cleaning, and all-you-can-drink brunching. Spring is here friends! Go enjoy it.

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