Wednesday, May 9

My life in a movie

Hey ya'll.

Few random things for you today.

First, who knows how to restore silk that has gotten wet? And by gotten wet, I mean went through the wash...but at least no dryer time, which I'm hoping means I have a chance. I've read a few things about using heat to relax the fibers, but steaming doesn't seem to have done too much. Also read about a vinegar bath...whaaaa? It's the gorgeous Blythe silk shirt dress from J. Crew pictured below, and it's too pretty to not be restored!

Also. I've found the movie of my life (almost). It's called Magic Mike, and it's the story of Channing Tatum, who is a male stripper to pay the bills but really wants to be A CUSTOM FURNITURE DESIGNER. Go watch the trailer here and get a deeper understanding of my struggle to break into the home-good design world.

Help me decide if I like this song? It's Lana Del Rey- she was damn terrible on SNL, but the more I listen to this song the more I like it...I think? Or I'm just being hypnotized by her voice. At least she's a real hottie, I'll give her that.

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