Wednesday, May 30

Resort Recap

So I never shared how great our golf resort weekend was. It was SO FUN. Just one of those weekends when things just work out: weather was amazing, conversation was flowing, jokes were abundant, sun-screen application was liberal, food was yummy, you get the picture.

We started off with a little bubbly to get the party started Friday night, then went out to eat at the resort- yummy food and good conversation had by all.

There is a bonfire space outside, so we relaxed there both nights to relax and talk. One night we interrupted a pretty real-deal couple fight (there were many weddings going on, so there were quite a few guests our age at the resort), but the second night we made some friends by the fire. Great sunset too!

The first day was for the pool. They had a few- we mostly hung by the one with the waterfall, which was close to the one with the slide. Score! We got poolside drinks as well, tasty (we all got drinks, but I'm the only one whose face should be on the blog :) )

Some of us used the proper amount of sunscreen (me), while some of us needed to cover our faces with towels due to our under-application (K)...this doesn't count as a face, right?

Some quick work at the driving range, delicious BBQ, some hilarious drinking games, and a tipsy rendezvous at the bonfire rounded out our Saturday night. 

Sunday was for golfing...I think we've all played better (ha), but we couldn't have asked for sunnier weather or a more beautiful course.

K and I gave up on the last few holes (we were TIRED and sunburned), but the boys kept at it.

Overall it was a great trip, and I can't get over the low cost ($90 per person for a two night stay and 18 holes of golf). I fully recommend the deal-website adventure trips from Groupon, LivingSocial and the like. Let me know if you find a good one!

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