Saturday, May 5

Link it up.

Another weekend is upon us. I'm worried predicted thunderstorms will keep me off the golf course...wish me luck, I could use some practice. Are you stuck inside too? Check out some of these links in the meantime.

If you're from DC, or just living in DC, because let's be real, who's actually FROM DC, this one is good. Are these passe yet? No? Ok good. At least it's not a Ryan Gosling meme or a Sh*t Somebody Says. You guys mean more to me than that.

What did we do before Google? Honestly. We were all dumber. (ironic)

I'm definitely going to take some time this weekend to go over the newest issue of Styled. It's all florals!

COULD ROSE HAVE SAVED JACK??! Love that Titanic is still being milked for all its worth like the golden cow it is. I'd see it in 3D if I wouldn't hate myself after (I would). Either way this is funny.

Who knew that hangers could get this cute? Cheap and adorable DIY for this weekend.

Going to try making this "healthy" chocolate chip cookie dough this weekend. You make it with white beans. I'm suspicious, but I love cookie dough enough to give it a try.

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