Thursday, May 10

canvas picture printing [which is kindof a DIY for wall art?]

I imagine many of you have gotten pictures printed before. I've used many vendors- Snap Fish, Clark Color Photo, Shutterfly, Walmart, Kodak, mostly online. There are often deals (yay!) to keep the cost of printing and shipping down, making it an affordable and convenient way to get your digital images in print.

If plain old paper photos aren't your bag, another option is to print them to canvas. Most of the vendors I listed above can do this- you can get the canvas unstretched, which will come rolled up in a tube, or you can get them pre-stretched, which will come stapled over a wooden frame. I love canvases because they are raised from the wall and can really make a statement.

D and I got these printed using a Groupon deal (keep your eyes peeled, they come up quite a lot). The whole thing cost us less than $20, and we have three great prints. In my opinion, aesthetics rely on threes- it's visually pleasing. We decided to do a D.C. theme, specifically the Capitol building. I prefer my canvas prints to be of architecture or landscapes, rather than people.

I took one of our photos, D took one, and D's dad took the other. I think the themed idea works well here, and the coloring looks great on our deep blue walls. The top photo is of the Capitol building from the steps outside- it's a great photo and a great reminder of our city and first home (we use to live on the hill, and could see the Capitol building from our street).

The second photo is of the inside of the rotunda. If you are with a Congressman, or their chief of staff, you are permitted to go on a "dome tour" of the Capitol building. D has gone with his parents before, but I've yet to experience this. Apparently it's amazing- the views (both inside and outside) are breathtaking, the acoustics are fascinating, and it's just plain cool to experience something that is so regulated and rare.

The last photo was also taken on a dome tour- it gives a great close-up of the frieze. Though it looks like raised statues, it's actually just a flat painting initiated by Constantino Brumidi (the artist for most of the Capitol building's surfaces).

Our little trio of photos hangs on a narrow wall in our bedroom, visible when you first walk into the room. I suggest looking into canvas prints if you're in the market for a more unique option than a photo in a frame!

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