Wednesday, May 16

Fashion Forward

If you're a man, or know a man, you/they should check out Dappered, an affordable men's style blog. They share deals and discounts, give advice on appropriate dress for all occasions, share tips on accessorizing, and all that fashion goodness...but they do more, like travel ideas, cocktail recipes, grooming advice, and all that good manly stuff. I attribute exposure to fashion blogs (I include magazines, like GQ) to D's advancement along his fashion trajectory.

He use to wear stuff like this
(but was never as bad as this)

but now dresses like this

Oh dayummmm

Let's be clear that I was also an integral ingredient- and, I gotta hand it to him, he has a great eye now and a better understanding of style.

You may be wondering, wow, this website seems pretty cool, but I'm a lady and don't want to come out of this experience looking like Ryan Gosling. Well, there is now a female equivalent to peruse: Full Clutch. I can't say too much about how useful it will be, since it's new to me (and new to the world, apparently), but I have high hopes.

While we're on the topic of fashion, here are a few other style blogs I follow for your pleasure.

Capitol Hill Style- She's pretty darn snarky, but she has reason to be- her blog is a wonderful resource for navigating the mine-field that is work appropriate/happy hour ready/fashionable attire. "CHS features styling tips, beauty product reviews, and professional guidance for fashionable ladies with serious jobs.  Because as the very wise Johanna Cox once said, "a serious job is no excuse" to dress poorly." Amen!

Extra Petite- Jean is the sweetest, most genuine fashion blogger ever. Her daily outfits are a fantastic mix of highs and lows- she can pair an old navy dress with YSL heels and make it look like they were meant for each other. She also shares her purchases and her budget, which I think is both brave and helpful.

Le Catch-This lovely lady is the west coast editor of Lucky Magazine, so she knows a thing or two about fashion, trends, and photography. She often highlights a spectacular individual piece, then shows how she'd work it into a full ensemble. Tres beautiful.

Atlantic Pacific- This woman is a style genius. I would probably never wear any of the things she puts together (not just because she's size negative 12), but her daily outfit posts are amazing inspiration and definite eye candy.

Kendi Everyday- Another one for daily outfits. Those are probably my favorite type, since I like getting inspiration and hate posts that distract from the outfits.

Refinery29- Everybody knows them! Fashion and beauty trends, news, shopping, they've got it all. They post about a zillion times a day, so it takes some effort to stay on top of things, but I like 'em.

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