Tuesday, April 24


As much as I love Pinterest (follow for a song here!), sometimes I lament the expediency (and therefore inattention) of pinning. Know what I mean?

It's hard to find pinners out there who truly curate their boards- for example, who hasn't realized belatedly that they've re-pinned the same image multiple times? If it's truly an image that speaks to you, it should be prominent in your mind, making it impossible to forget that you've already added it, even in a flurry of pinning. The problem is, with such great and abundant inspiration, even your most favoritest pins become one of many, lost in a sea of DIY's and 5-ingredient-recipes and Ryan-Gosling-memes. In terms of curating, how often to you go through your images, decide if they fit the direction of your board, and delete or move those that do not? Deleting pins doesn't sound as much fun as adding them, certainly, so I tend not to bother, and I expect many of you don't either.

So, in an effort to combat the senseless, mind-numbing obsession of pin-pin-repin-breathe-pin-like-repin, I'm going to share a few favorite pins each week with you fine people. Taking a little more time to contemplate my inspiration images is going to give them more value, no? I'll prob fall into 5 catagories: edible, wearable, interiors, weddings, and a quirky/wonderful product. Welcome to my worldddd!

1. Who wouldn't love this for a summer treat? There are so many flavor combination to try! This may be the best way ever to cool off this summer.

Champagne and popsicles...genius
2. I've loved this image since I first saw it. I thought it would be adorable on the back of wedding invitations, like a little stamp representing the couple. A brave follower suggested it as a tatoo of your kids fingerprints...ouch but cool?

Heart from Thumbprints...awwww
3. Bailey at Peppermint Bliss really knows how to put Osborne & Little's "Best in Show" wallpaper to good use in her powder room, first featured in Rue magazine.

sassy powder room
4. Doesn't Elie Saab do gowns right? This minty green is so fresh, I would even wear a number like this for my wedding...scandalous.

Elie Saab
5. My sister bought this present for me this year for Christmas- is it not the coolest pie plate ever?? It's by Spoon Sisters, which I've renamed Genius Sisters. Even though I already own this, I wanted to share it with you all. Now I can make a savory chicken pot pie with a classic apple pie...it's called the split-decision pie plate- the best.

Split Decision Pie Plate

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