Tuesday, April 17

bag it up [one king's lane]

As a lover of deals, I make it my business to know about all the flash-sale websites out there. Gilt, Ideeli, Haute Look, Blue Fly, Rue La La, Joss & Main, you name it I've shopped it. One of my favorites, One King's Lane, recently came through big for me.

OKL focuses mainly on home decor, furniture, and interior decorating- I'd honestly rather splurge on things for my home than fashion trends, and this is ideal for that. They have new sales every day from rugs to art to kitchen utensils, and they also have "tastemaker tag sales", where hot industry experts in interior design, staging, styling etc present a collection of items for sale (one of my favorites is Design Star Emily Henderson's sale). It's not just brand name and new items- many sales feature vintage and thrift. Don't count on things being cheap though- cheaper than retail, sure, but that's all you can count on. Basically, this is a company you should check out if you're in the market for upscale home goods.

Which I am. Always.

I get wayyy too many emails daily, so I signed up for once-a-week summaries from OKL. They come on Sunday evening and give me a week-long calendar of the upcoming sales. If I like the preview images, I can add the sale to my Outlook or Google calendar with one click. When I spotted a sample sale from Fab Habitat, maker of trendy and durable indoor/outdoor rugs, I had to check it out.

Part of why these flash sale sites work is the thrill of the chase and the fear of missing out ("if I don't buy these 40% discounted Louboutins, someone else will and I'll regret it to my dying day!") After I put a gorgeous orange graphic rug in my cart, I had ten minutes to complete my purchase. 10 minutes! That's hardly enough time for me to enter my CC number, so you gotta get moving. The best designs (in my opinion anyway) were sold out within 5 minutes- I literally added the rug I had been eying to my cart just seconds after the sale started. Score!

No need to tell me how much you love it. I understand. I love it too. It's 5x8, reversible (the other side is even more orange, if you can imagine), and is made from plastic fibers (they are a very environmentally conscious company). It's the kinda rug you can just hose down to clean! Emily Henderson (whose tag sale I mentioned above) just did a post on an outdoor space she designed where she used a Fab Habitat rug.

Emily Henderson
If you want to buy it, I found it here for $99 (I paid $56, including shipping). One more look:
I'm a happy camper. It's currently in our entry way, and it looks great. It's super comfy due to some squishy padding in the middle that we're all loving. So anyway, sign up for One King's Lane here if you're interested! FYI, I get $15 off my next purchase for referrals (so join then make your friends join).


  1. Obviously obsessed! That rug is stunning! Also I tried putting you as a referrer but didn't see where to put your name?

    1. blah I don't know what a referrer is...I am blog illiterate perhaps?


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