Friday, April 20

Color Collective [orange]

To be safe, I say red is my favorite color (specifically, persimmon, an orangey-red). Sure, other hues have had brief affairs with my heart, but red is my tried and true, my high school sweetheart, my lover. If red's a bird, I'm a bird, and all that jazz.

Today I want to talk about red's hip younger sister, orange. So hot right now! Orange has been making a splash in interiors, fashion, and design this year. Tangerine Tango was named Pantone's color of the year don't you know.
I love seeing it juxtaposed with cool tones- turquoise, lavender, navy. There's something very fresh and unexpected about it. Keep in mind, you can't go uber-vibrant with both shades (unless you're a professional). A bright orange with a royal violet is going to look like a kids room- for more balance, pair that bright orange with a dusty lilac or a muted navy.

Small Shop Studio
Design Sponge
Full House
House Beautiful, by Robin Bell
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Geoffrey Desousa
Lilly Bunn Interiors
Apartment Therapy
Am I right? Orange + bluepurple = glamorous.

Happy Friday kids! Check back tomorrow for another Link Up with some of my favorite things (this week anyway) from around the interwebs.

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