Wednesday, April 25

bar cart inspiration

Bar carts are so phenomenal- I don't even know where to begin.

The ones I like best are made of awesome stuff- we're talking brass, lucite, bamboo, teak, steel, mahogany, all set up in artsy shapes on snazzy casters. They are angular, mid-century modern, classy, antiqued, retro, modern, romantic. I love how self-contained they are- using trays to group liquors keeps things from getting cluttered, plants add a new shape or dimension, and flashy art in the background is a must. They make me feel like the party has arrived, and it's mobile.

These beverage trolleys below really hit the spot in my book. Tomorrow I'll show you my own version, made especially for D last Christmas.

Design Manifest
A Cup of Jo
The New Traditionalists
Idle Fascination
SF Girl by Bay

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