Monday, April 30

Interiors [kilim stylin]

((Happy Monday friends. Sleepy and cloudy here in D.C. Post tomorrow about my lovely weekend with M! Hope you all managed to enjoy yourselves.))

I keep a few recurrent searches on Craigslist.

You know, for the important stuff.

Rugs, chairs, antiques, mid-century modern, Anthropologie, brass, lamps, souzanis (you can see here how that paid off), lucite, benches, queen-size bed frames, paintings, bar carts. Just a few special things.

One of these such searches is for kilim rugs. I LOVE them. Kilim rugs are flat tapestry-woven textiles, often in gorgeous colors and geometric patterns, which are two of my favorite descriptive words EVER (similar to these, no?)

The rug I got this month reminds me of a kilim- it's got the bright colors, the angular pattern, and is even flat woven. Here are some other inspiration images to get you in the mood for your own search...just remember that DC is my territory :)

Amber Interior Designs
Commune Home
La Dolce Vita
Apartment Therapy
One King's Lane

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