Wednesday, February 8

Interiors [suzani style my way]

As we discussed yesterday, suzanis add a great layer of color, texture, and pattern to a room. Anything unique, handmade, and foreign can get pricey, but I found 3 suzanis on Craigslist for the bargain price of $40!! Seriously, it was one of my greatest Craigslist finds EVER (and I've found a lot). I recommend Ebay as well. A lovely woman was returning to Eastern Europe after just a few years on Capitol Hill, and needed to move some of her exotic textiles and rugs. I couldn't afford the rugs, but she was willing to part with these Uzbekistan suzanis. One is pink and two are orange and all are fabulous.

Doesn't it look nice on my couch? I haven't decided what to do with the two orange ones yet- obviously too small for curtains, and I don't want to cut them down for pillows. What do you think?
The colors are super rich, and the material is thick cotton. Silk is nice too, but far more delicate. I'd probably want to frame a silk suzani and hang it on a wall, like so.
 It's an unexpected touch in our apartment, and I love it. If only I could learn to make them myself. I'd steal all the eligible Uzbekistani men right out from under your noses.
 I did happen to snag two small circular pillows at Urban Outfitters that get along with the suzani style. I found them a week apart- the first pillow was $10, and an even deeper sale the week later meant the second pillow was just $5. Score! They sit on a leather chair next to the couch and play nicely with the pinks and oranges. Don't you love when your belongings get along?

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