Thursday, February 2

For a song.

There it is: the first printed comparison between an item and a tune. This catchy little idiom originally had to do with those who printed and sold ballads, but now it means getting something on the cheap. To demonstrate:
‘For a song’ is my favorite price point, though it’s hard to find (side note: my sister did get a free Mattress Discounters pillow a decade ago for singing their jingle in store. But they owed her, after that embarrassment, I think).

My hope is that, with this blog, I can expand and improve my deal finding skillz and share with you all some affordable options for fashion, d├ęcor, date night, and more.

Now that you’re here, let’s set some ground rules.

1. I will attempt to post 5 times a week, with posts going live by 5:30am. (If you think that means I’m writing them at 5am, you’re dumb).

2. I will post 100% original content at least once per week. Hopefully more. This means projects completely of my own design and execution, rather than posts consisting entirely of un-sourced pictures thrown together off of pinterest. Don't worry pinterest, you're still my girl.

3. I will respond to any comment, email, or smoke signal within 48 hours. I mean, let’s face it, as I write this my only readers are mom and dad, and they don’t like to be left hanging.

4. Dreaming big here: I will disclose any professional relationships, sponsored posts, or 3rd party influence. I want you to feel that I’m authentic. Because I am. For real.

5. Friends, please don’t stop hanging out with me. All names will be excluded from my blog, and I’ll ask before I use any pictures. Your secrets are safe with me.

6. Everything will be awesome.

Great. Let’s get started, shall we?

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