Saturday, February 25

This post has baggage.

I've got baggage. The good kind. The kind that costs just $10 and is in amazing vintage condition. And the best thing to do with baggage is to put it to good use. I'm in no need of further travel accessories, plus after a commute into NYC and a 5 hour bus to DC, I can tell ya this thing is not that convenient to carry. A long over-the-shoulder strap would ruin his clean masculine lines, duh.

So, what else can you do with suitcases?

Hang that baggage up. You can use them to get drunk in a classy way, or as a vanity:
Apartment Therapy, Pinterest
Suitcases are great at holding things. Like, blankets, clothing, plants, and I dunno, cats?
Pinterest, Dragonfly Cottage, This Next
Need some extra seating? Pop one open!
Katie Thompson w/ Recreate
My personal favorite, the stack (which would require the acquisition of additional cases):
Design Sponge
Or if you have a ton AND you're an interior design genius AND you're trained as/married to a skilled carpenter AND you  have a free wall:
From the actual studio of artist Gail Rieke
But what I'm in need of right now is a nightstand. It's a bummer to drill holes in the bottom, but I think it'll be worth it, and I can still use the inside for useful storage (though it'll be a pain to access). I'm thinking a suitcase on some retro hairpin legs would look smashing, and would have a large enough surface area to hold the requisite books and hand cream and excessive bobby pins and white-noise machine. Isn't that what you have on your nightstand?

Envision with me:
yeahhhh I like that. (especially the Robert Abbey Lamp)

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