Thursday, February 2

DIY [Pillow Talk.]

Guess what I did tonight?
It was a lot more productive than watching reruns of Downton Abbey while eating ice cream out of the carton.
...Because who does that?

I made pillows. Well, at least the euro shams to hold the pillows.

It feels a bit dishonest to say I made them, because of how absurdly easy they are to make.

I had 2 square yards of fabric, which I cut down the middle, leaving two rectangles. flip the fabric over (see the all-pink color to the right?) and fold each of the ends towards the middle. It's like closing a cardboard box- once you fold those ends up, it'll be shaped like a square again.

Sew down each of the open ends to close them up, flip the "pillow" fabric inside out, and voila.

It's called an envelope pillow (cute little tutorial over here) and it couldn't be easier. I chose this style so I can easily un-do the pillows and reuse the fabric. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's incredibly soft and a nice, heavy weight. It needed to be thick so the down feathers won't poke through...nothing annoys D more. I ordered it through Joann Fabrics about 6 months ago, so it's not in stock now, but they have some nice ikat prints here and here. If you can't tell from my header, ikat is my alltimesuperfavorite pattern.

Let's talk dollah bills. Like most crafty stores, JF has coupons in a weekly circulator, which can be found online. Honestly, I search for online coupons for every single purchase I make, just in case. The fabric was on sale for $7.99 to begin with, and I had a 20% off coupon and free shipping due to the size of my order. The original blue pillows were $20 each from T.J.Maxx. So, new euro pillows for under $53 is fine with me.

So which side do you like better?

Why do I even ask such stupid questions.
One more of the finished product, with our gangster stuffed animal Joe Pig:
It's been a good night.

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