Sunday, February 12

Bully Day for a Golf Game

mo def taking lessons in the spring
If the temperature goes above 45 degrees, it’s a good day to get out and play. 
And it's always above 45 degrees this winter. 
I just can't understand how the farmer's almanac could be so off?!?!!!????
Wait. Yes I can. 
Anyways, it's afforded us the chance to keep up on our golf game.

I was lucky enough to have a golf-centric birthday last summer. D got me clubs, mom got me shoes, aunt and uncle got me balls. Golf can certainly be expensive, but driving ranges aren’t bad ($14 for a large bucket of balls, which D and I split), and they often have clubs available to use for free. Even playing 9 holes on the course is cheaper than one movie ticket, which probably has more to do with movies costing an arm and a leg these days.

We play at Hains Point- it’s no country club, but we’re both beginners- check it out for a moderately athletic, nature-appreciative, challenging yet rewarding hobby.

neon balls make it more fun

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