Friday, February 3

bag it up [starting February off right]

So "bag it up" posts are going to be about my recent purchases. Of which there are many. Too many. As I said, I'm a prolific accumulator (ESPECIALLY of clothing and accessories), but I also return quite a bit as well, so hang on to those receipts ladies. We'll talk about budgets later- it's the third of the month, don't burden me with budgetary responsibility.

Let's start with a little online shopping at BR:
Gemma Wrap Dress, BR
First, the Gemma Wrap Dress. I snagged it in "royal violet", a deep blue, but that shade is no longer available. It's listed at $69.99, but was 25% off, making it a cool $52.50.

Not bad. 

I should also mention that I have a Gap Silver Card. The many benefits include free shipping on every order, special invites to "private shopping" WITH COCKTAILS, 10% off every Tuesday, online sales with deep discounts, and a rewards system (basically a $10 coupon every time you hit $100 on the card). I had 6 of these $10 coups laying around, so basically scored a free dress and sweater.

I've heard wrap dresses are infinitely flattering, and I'm hoping I can layer it to work in all seasons.
Scoopneck shirred crew, BR

I also grabbed a crew neck sweater in "bright sangria", also 25% off, dropping the price to $22.50.

I ordered this sweater in small regular and medium petite, because you just never know how something is going to fit. I find that the gap brand family employs some serious vanity sizing, which isn't a problem as long as you can try things on. BR allows you to return to store, so I'll bring whichever sweater doesn't fit to my local mall.

Using my rewards, and excluding one of the sweaters (even I don't need two of the same thing), my order total came to $14 bucks. I LOVE DISCOUNTS.

Know what I don't love? Pink. I don't even LIKE it, actually. I feel like you don't believe me.

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