Thursday, February 9

Cole Haan [the affordable way]

I like nice things (duh)
Cole Haan makes nice things (duh)
I like Cole Haan (amazing powers of deduction)

Some other facts: Cole Haan makes expensive things...unless you're willing to be flexible.
My go-to? Ebay.

When I first was looking for a pair of leather riding boots, I was open to any designer. I wanted high-quality, minimal-if-any use, dark brown riding boots. I found this lovely pair, contacted the seller for more details, images and facts, and ultimately bid. I was concerned with fit, so I contacted the seller, and she agreed to allow me to return them to her (as long as I covered shipping), though the posting said no returns. So, chat with the sellers! They're often lovely people that want to make it as easy as possible to sell their stuff. I received them a week later, in excellent condition, for $150 including shipping. I've loved them for over a year now, and with regular polishing, they still look phenom.
In my opinion, Ebay is great because you get great products AND the thrill of the kill. Watching an item until midnight so you can out-bid at the last moment is playing the game smart (unless you do it to me, in which case it's called being an asshole). If you're not willing to sit by your computer, you can put in your max bid at any point; Ebay will increase your bid as necessary up to that amount. This feature is great, because you'll never over-spend.

Just a few weeks ago I was looking for a case for my Kindle. I used it sporadically until I realized that the DC Public Library system has e-books, and ever since it's been on my person, meaning it needed some protection. I knew Cole Haan made fine leather goods (treat yo'self!) and had a kindle cover on the market- butttt my budget is shy of anything impractical that costs over $100. Seriously. See that line in the sand, Cole Haan Hand-Woven Leather Case with Hinge? Yeah. You're over it.

In comes Ebay for the steal- I paid $37 incl shipping for a brand new case. Of course I love it.

The next time you're hunting down designer goods, take a look on Ebay first. I think you'd be surprised at the quality and variety available for deeply discounted prices.

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