Tuesday, February 7

Interiors [suzani style]

If you don't know what a suzani is, you've been living under a stupid rock. Everyone should have a knowledge of it. Aside from being a huge trend of 2010-2011, suzanis are an absolutely gorgeous embroidered textile, originating in Central Asian countries as part of a woman's dowry. 
And I can see why.
If I made you one of these, you'd be all over me.
The term suzani literally means "needlework". Made from cotton or silk, these pieces are intricate and bright, featuring nature motifs- celestial designs, florals, plants, birds.

Suzanis have been big in interior design for a few years, and though I hear they are on the decline, I'm not concerned. Just because they won't be in the pages of Vogue Interiors and Elle Design doesn't mean your non-design-professional friends won't think they're gorgeous and stylish. Besides, nothing you love is ever truly out of fashion, right?

Below are a few of my favorite ways to display- stay tuned tomorrow to see how I found and incorporated suzanis into my own apartment!

In the bedrooooom bow chicka wow wowww:

Elle Decor
House Beautiful

On furniture:
1st Dibs
Jayson Home and Garden
Nathan Turner

Madeline Weinreib
On the wall:

Canadian House and Home

Elle Decor
La Viva Home

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