Thursday, February 23

My Weekend [Brooklyn Flea]

So we did a lot this weekend.We ate great food, we caught up, we went dancing, we got 5am pizza, we cooked together, we went shopping. Very productive. But the BEST thing we did? Visited the Brooklyn Flea market.

R heard about it on HGTV (are you surprised we're best friends) and knew we had to go. It was pretty damn amazing, housed in the old Williamsburg Savings Bank (which pretty much looks like a gorgeous cathedral) and teeming with over 100 vendors. There was everything from home decor to food to clothing, and varying price points to keep it interesting. Come back tomorrow and I'll share my finds- for now, here's my weekend in pictures.

Cool things seen at Brooklyn Flea:

1. Tablecloths, runners, rugs, and blankets in bright hues
2. Fabulous bowties...the guy saw me snapping a picture and said, you must be a blogger! Check me out! Too bad I don't have anyone to send his way yet... 
3. Blueberry Lavender Chocolate. As good as it sounds
4. More textiles
5. Awesome "bin" R got for her jewelry. She even bargained him down!
6. Cheapy cheapy books
7. Art! The creators were willing to share technique too
8. Cool vintage drawers
9. Rugs (I was too scared to ask the price)
10. Cool brass rings
11. Necklaces...did anyone else have a gemstone collection when little? I may be re-purposing it soon...
12. Costume jewelry galore
13. Multiple bagels from this place
14. In case you missed it the first time?

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