Friday, February 10


What's better than pizza, bagels, and ice cream? 
FREE pizza, bagels and ice cream.

Enter Scoutmob, the mobile app that gives you 50-100% off coupons for local eateries. FO FREE! Rather than having to buy discounts ahead of time (re: Groupon, LivingSocial), Scoutmob allows you to just show the app at the time of purchase, with no prior action. They send funny emails every weekend about new places to check out too.

It's pretty awesome.

It's unlikely that D and I go anywhere without a discount. Unless it's our anniversary or a birthday, when we really want to splurge, we just don't see the point in paying full price when we don't have to. We try to go out on a date every week, and searching down some discounts allows us to go out twice as often. And this girl loves to be dated. Check it out- it's a free app, so where's the harm?

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