Wednesday, May 23

Inspiration [paint chip DIY projects]

Okay people. Who hasn't been exposed to some paint chip art? I'm talking about getting those itty bitty cards of color from a home improvement store and doing something with them other than agonizing over what shade of white looks best on your baseboards. Of course I've got some inspiration images ready to go. Hang on to your orange aprons, I've got some great ideas coming your way.

Paint chip boxes...YES. Put some presents inside and consider your wrapping all wrapped up.

How About Orange
This one is pretty intense- if I was going to try something on this scale, I'd maybe order some rather than just snagging them at your local home improvement store (though, in my experience, the employees come out and help you collect colors when you're gathering cards).

Original Unknown
What a great idea for coasters! I'd want to do way brighter colors than these, but the idea is fantastic and her instructions are perfection.

The Crafty CPA
This one is the closest to what I did myself...I love her original take on the paint chip wall art we've seen so much of- the shapes make it so fun!

Two Girls Being Crafty
Thought this idea was adorable for some holiday decorating. Couldn't be easier  too!

Modern Parents
Of course I've incorporated my own version of this lovely idea into my own home- in my opinion, you just can't beat the price and the vibrancy! Check back tomorrow for an easy DIY wall-art project using paint chips by yours truly :)

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