Tuesday, May 15

Feeling Abstract [about oversized art]

Feeling a bit abstract today? You've come to the right place.

Luis Bustamante- Abstract art on every floor!
I love abstract art, for many reasons. It can be nonsensical, colorful, bold, peaceful, anything you want without being tied to a specific portrayal or subject matter. My parents currently rotate art around the house based on the seasons- a "winter scene" gets swapped out for a "summer scene", and so on. Abstract art gives you more freedom of interpretation and therefore is less tied down to a season, style, decor, etc.

KFD Designs- all seasons rolled into one canvas
Especially over a couch or fireplace, abstract art can really be a focal point of a room and pull a look together. In an eclectic space, you can find art that incorporates all your color schemes and makes the space feel intentional, rather than random. The bigger and brighter, the better!


These days, every blogger and her mother is making one-of-a-kind masterpieces- "abstract" is a loose label that means you can do whatever the heck you want and call it art, so I think average joe's are a little less intimidated to dive in. Grab a canvas and some paint and get splotchy.

Interior Magasinet- casual but classy
Abstract art often looks less formal than traditional paintings, which I think gives you more options with framing. In the image above, for example, the canvas is hung right on the wall. That kind of no-fuss display works well with such a fun print.

Barrie Benson- pulling colors from everywhere in the room!
Abstract art is all about perception. It reminds me of ink-blots in that pieces read so differently to different people. In that sense, it's a very inclusive and holistic art form to have.

Smith Boyd Interiors
Many of the images so far are playful, and might read a little young- let's just say I can't picture my design-tame parents shopping at Furbish. Not all abstract art can hang in a preschool, however- below are a few images I love (love, love) that are more muted but still pack a punch.

Lonny Mag
La Dolce Vita
If anyone is interested, my deep abstract art obsession revolves around Michelle Armas. Her art has so much texture and color! The lack of uniformity and boldness of stroke is so well executed. I die.

If you have a spare few thousand dollars, and really like me, feel free to scoop up Effect Effect, one of my favorites of her new work.

Don't even get me started- this belongs over a dark gray matte wall with some punchy accents.

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