Tuesday, May 8

DIY serving spoons [someone take away my gold leaf]

So, I like liquid gold leaf. This is the third post in which it has made an appearance- first seen on gold-dipped bowls, later seen on my gold-leafed bar cart.

I did TWO projects with is this past weekend. I know, I know- between all the margaritas that were drunk and fajitas that were nomed, how did I find the time?? I'll share one with you today, since the other is still in progress.

I loved my painted luna bowls, linked above. But I needed some matching serve ware. I found a wooden salad-serving set at the Crate & Barrel outlet (which happens to be 10 minutes from my home...dangerous). They were pretty and sturdy, and only $8, but they didn't tie into my bowls at all. Liquid gold-leaf to the rescue!

This is a simple one. Tape, paint, pull tape. Repeat! I cut the tape with super sharp scissors to make it easier, but it's just plain painters tape. Make sure you press it down one last time before you start painting- I have some bleeding, and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to remove it without messing up the wood finish.

Here's a body shot, so you get the full idea:

But don't forget about these. It made crafting that much more fun.

Grapefruit Margs
Fajitas yummmm

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