Thursday, January 23

imbibe [whiskey thyme smash & crushing ice]


Time for a pre-Friday drink, no? This recipe comes from Julibox, our favorite monthly subscription box that features spirits. I wouldn't have minded a sugar rim with this, as it was a bit tart. I'm going to try making a thyme simple syrup with the leftover herbs to see if that punches up the flavor as well. All in all a wonderful, slightly herbal, fresh tasting cocktail.

If you're new to crushing ice, as you need to do for this recipe, a Lewis bag can be bought here. You'll want one for crushing ice, a necessity for mint juleps and most smashes. The canvas absorbs the water and is very sturdy. D and I used plastic bags in the past, which tear as soon as you pound them. Any thick material will do if you'd prefer to DIY (I've heard canvas and denim work best).

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