Friday, January 17

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It's a long weekend friends! Which bums me out on the one hand, because I'm FINALLY at an airport that will do my TSA Pre Check interview and guess what, they're closed for MLK day. My dreams of soaring through pre-9/11 security are on hold yet again. BUT I'm spending a few days in Atlanta with a whole buncha family I don't get to see nearly enough. Hope you all have something fun on tap.

I hadn't heard of mental floss before, but I'll follow them on YouTube now. This video on my favorite non-alcoholic beverage was funny AND enlightening.

Ever have vegetables about to go bad? I certainly do, weekly it seems. This is a fantastic use for them.

He is SO GOOD at impersonations. My favorite is still Neil Young, but this one is great too.

Diggin the Trader Joe's Broccoli Kale Slaw? Try this instead.

Everyone go take this test and then tell me your number. By taking a quick survey (less than 5 minutes), they can estimate how large your vocabulary is. Maybe all the novels I read are paying off.

How incredible is that picture up there? I wish I had a source for you all. Those hues plus a pop of persimmon is everything to me right now.

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how you like dem apples?