Wednesday, January 16

Discover [julibox]

It's a cocktail party in a box, delivered each week to your door! And you know I love cocktail parties, mail, and well-designed products and companies. This brand is so cool I want to hang out with it. Let me elaborate.

I'm also no stranger to booze being delivered via post (my experience with Club W), but this takes the booziness of wine-of-the-month and the variety, sample sizing, and excitement of Birchbox and mashes them into one artfully packaged treat: Julibox. Each month, the Julibox curators design two unique cocktails and ship you the required ingredients and recipe, for $40 a month. If you live in DC and are drinking well-made cocktails (at POV or the Gibson, perhaps), you're already paying $20 a drink anyway. Why not learn how to make it yourself, enjoy in the comfort of your home, and feel really swanky and chic for the same price?

The website is interactive and beautiful- you can see videos on how to make that month's cocktails, learn about their experienced curators and mixologists, and follow their blog, and buy full-sized products that you loved. 

Did I mention it's similar to Birchbox? They should do a collaboration of the his/hers variety, since in my opinion, the man-birchbox was a flop.

So imagine our excitement when this arrived, prettily packaged and sealed to boot.

Like Christmas come twice! So many presents to unwrap! Speaking of, this makes a great gift. I got a 3-month subscription for my bro and his wife, and I hope they've been enjoying it as much as D and me.

The anticipation: seeing which cocktails you'll be making. They provide enough to make two drinks (his&hers) of two different beverages. 4 cocktails. Sweet! You can keep the recipe cards too, which include a picture and are on nice, thick card stock.

And finally, the icing on the cake, getting to actually drink your creations. I love love loved the Magi Sour, which I'd never had before, and appreciated their spin on a Manhattan (especially the adorable fleur de lis sugar cube).

I highly recommend this, especially as a gift, since $40 for 4 cocktails you have to make yourself is a little dear. D doesn't think we should continue once our own 3-month runs out, not because it's not phenomenal, but just because we aren't rich and don't need to live like we are. Thoughts? Would you do it? WILL you do it?

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