Wednesday, August 8

Discover [Club W]

Raise your hand if you like wine.

OMG # of people who love wine = # of people who have been personally victimized by regina george.
Me too guys. I've been interested in doing a wine of the month club or a membership for awhile, but most are pretty expensive. D and I try to buy our wine in larger quantities to get discounts, which most supermarkets offer (15% off 6 bottles, that kinda thing), or we buy from Trader Joe's.

That's why I was excited to jump on the deal I saw for Club W.

Here's the idea: for $39 incl shipping, you get 3 bottles of wine per month (the deal made it $39 for 6 bottles, THAT'S what I'm talkin about). Their sommeliers are in touch with smaller vineyards and wine producers internationally, and they pull together 12 new bottles per month (though sometimes last month's selections remain available). You get to pick your bottles (at least 3), or you can let them select your bottles based on a quiz of your tastes (how do you take your coffee, do you salt every edible thing you touch, etc). Here's their image on why they can be more affordable:

Ok, makes sense to me. It's not too commitment heavy either for those of you with phobias- you can cancel your subscription any month you want, and if you dislike something they'll replace it or refund it. I don't know specifically how that works, but it sounds like some top notch customer service.

I just got an email that my box of 6 has shipped- to give you a real review, I'll have to come back to this once I've drank them all completed the full consumer experience that is Club W. All in the name of research.

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