Tuesday, August 28

DIY [paint chip project]

Though it's a few days (months?) after the inspiration images, I have a paint chip DIY that I wanted to share. It's been difficult to photograph, as it's a weird medium and the frame is very reflective, so bear with me- I have a few with and without flash.

I cut a bunch of paint chips into triangles and glued them to a piece of craft paper for a color gradient, ombre effect. It was easy to do, especially as I didn't measure the triangles- this was due to laziness, but I like the wonky look it gave the art. If it's going to be this colorful and obnoxious, I don't mind if it's playful in sizing as well. It would certainly look more uniform and mature to have the shapes aligned, like this:

Young House Love
 The first photo, with flash, makes it appear more vibrant than it reads in person- here's a shot without flash to give you a better idea.

A litttttle softer, and more true to the art in person. If you have some paint chips laying around, recycle them into art. I promise that cutting out little shapes is actually quite therapeutic...I think they're onto something in pre-school.

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