Wednesday, August 22

Mixology [the sneaky cucumber]

Who doesn't like a good hump-day cocktail?

This baby is of my own creation (with help from K), which is not to say that no one else has made it. Nothing is original anymore anyway, right? Basically we got excited about Pearl Cucumber Vodka (I'm not a vodka girl, but bear with me here), and couldn't think of anything else to blend it with. I think an infused simple syrup (ginger? lavender?) and seltzer would be a good idea too.

We call it the sneaky cucumber, and it is a great ode to summer in these dog days. First, muddle some limes and cucumbers in the bottom of a glass. Add 2 shots of Pearl Cucumber Vodka, then fill the rest of the glass with half seltzer, half cranberry juice. Don't try to shortcut it and use cranberry-flavored seltzer. Not as good. Don't forget the sugar rim and garnish!

One step closer to Friday my friends...I'm thinking this quote applies to me today.

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