Monday, August 20

Thrifty Weekend

Finally back from traveling, and excited to be back in DC. D is traveling now for another week or so, meaning I'll have plenty of time to do wedding prep work for my brother and future sister in law! 

Did some aggressive thrifting today with my friends K and J. We set a route of about 15 thrift stores, mainly using The Thrift Shopper and google maps. If you're from the DMV area, feel free to use our route and want to know our route, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll send it along- it made a nice and efficient loop of the nova area.

I was mainly looking for ornate frames, and we did very well. We wanted rococo, baroque, ornate, embellished shapes, which means all the frames we got are antique gold. We'll be painting them either a glossy black or a faux-wrought iron finish to match the lanterns that are part of the centerpieces. We got a huge one for the place cards and seating chart, which I don't have a great picture of, and a few smaller ones shown below. We need frames for various instructions, his and her cocktails, the photo booth, and so on. I can't wait to get started.

We rewarded ourselves with some margs and mexican after, plus another trip to Pie Sisters in starts tomorrow?

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